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I saw these unusual ducks on Big Lake.


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Adventures of the McClarks


It started out as a joke… Steve and Debbie McCormack are full time RVers. They needed to send some mail to our address and so that we would know the mail was for them, Steve had them addressed as “Steve McClark”. So, we became the McClarks!

We had an awesome trip the past week and I thought I would share:

McHood bird1

We stopped at a free camp spot outside of Winslow, Arizona. Not much to see but I managed to get a photo of this bird sitting on a rock.


Of course, when in Winslow, you MUST go to “The Corner”.

I took tons of pictures here but didn’t want to overload. I would like to thank the young man who helped us out and took the picture of the McClarks “Standing on the Corner”.

We also had breakfast in the Turquoise Room at the La Posada Hotel. I highly recommend eating here! It was wonderful! Loved the hotel and grounds too as we did a little geocaching while there! There were tons of photo ops here!


From here our trip took us into New Mexico. We were staying at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in Ramah, NM.


We woke up to snow the morning of our feeding tour at the sanctuary. It was very pretty to see but it made for a very messy camp ground. I will leave the story of how we were stuck and how we got out to the McCormacks in their blog, Down the Road.


We did the feeding tour at the wolf sanctuary. The wolves were fed a frozen “meatloaf” of meats, vegetables and other assorted items that they would normally get in the wild.


Not all of the animals in the sanctuary are pure wolves. A lot of them were hybrids and all of the animals are rescues.

We later did a general tour and our tour guide, Matt, was wonderful! We were even treated to a serenade.


While camping, we could hear the wolves howling! Eerie and beautiful at the same time.


While in the area, we visited El Morro. It is definitely worth visiting! It was a local watering hole and the sandstone cliffs are riddled with “graffiti”! Petroglyphs and “signatures” from travelers as early as the 1700’s.


We also ate at Ancient Way Cafe! Very good food!

It rained during the night and needless to say we were deep in the mud! We would like to thank a couple of volunteers at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Dawn Schramm and Mike Budd went above their duties as volunteers to help us get out of the mud! Thank you both so much!!!

We headed out to our next stop, Hon-Dah RV resort. We got up the next morning and headed to Big Lake, AZ to check out some camping spots and to do some more geocaching.

It had snowed here as well!


We were sad to have to head back “home”. We had a great time and hated to see that this trip was over but we are looking forward to our next McClark adventure!

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Desert in Bloom

I love the desert in the spring!I took these pictures out in the Arizona Desert in April near Congress, Arizona.